Our Town


As your candidate for mayor, I intend to be inclusive of all of Freehold Borough’s concerns. However, I believe that certain issues require better attention.


First, a large concern for many of our residents is parking. With inadequate and poorly utilized parking we will never be in a position to encourage redevelopment. Addressing this issue would promote more walking traffic and commerce in our downtown. More adequate parking will also enable us to upgrade the quality and diversity of businesses interested in moving into the business district. A rejuvenated downtown would also solicit a more upscale kind of business, in turn, enabling our property owners to ask for higher rents. A better-diversified business community would encourage visitors to not only enjoy our great restaurants but to stroll through town and enjoy the shops, rather than to eat and then leave.

Secondly, our laws and ordinances, as well as their enforcement, merit a re-evaluation to account for their effectiveness as our town continues to grow. This includes negligent property owners and truck weight and parking restrictions overnight. We cannot encourage a two-track justice system in which some people are constantly cited and some people are never cited. Fines should be enforced equally to maintain the town’s beauty, and quality of life in addition to providing a source of revenue.

Lastly, I will focus on the revitalization of the town through economic development, especially for the areas of the Borough that have been somewhat blighted and forgotten. I would like to work with our residents and Code Enforcement to create a plan whereby these areas can see significant rehabilitation. All the residents of our community deserve to have their concerns and issues addressed. I, Lori Annetta, and Mike Lichardi hope you will support us as we lead Freehold forward to more fiscal responsibility, a better quality of life, and economic development.